Can Sex Make Your Period Come Early?

We know that many people are grossed out by the idea of having sex while on their period, but it may actually be helpful. According to a study by RSVP Live, having sex while on your period can help your period come earlier, due to orgasm and uterus contractions.

However, spotting after sex is most likely not caused by the same thing. Here are some other reasons you might be bleeding post-sex:

1. Orgasms

An orgasm is a feeling of intense pleasure and sensation. It’s a combination of tightening muscles, blood flow, and the release of feel-good chemicals called endorphins. And it’s something that both men and women can experience.

There are many ways to get orgasmic, from a sexy stroke on the clitoris to clenching your pelvic floor muscles during Kegel exercises. But sex is the most common way to have an orgasm.

If you do have sex and begin bleeding, it’s typically only the last dregs of your period’s lining that are being expelled and is totally normal. But, if you’re consistently getting spotting after sex and your cycle is normally regular, it’s worth chatting to your doctor about it.

In general, sex won’t change your menstrual cycle, but it can help you become more aware of your body. The most important thing to remember is that any irregularity in your period may be a sign of an underlying issue and needs to be addressed. It’s also a good idea to keep track of your menstrual cycle by using an app like Flo so you can notice changes over time.

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2. Stress

Stress can make your period come early if you have a short menstrual cycle or if you have endometriosis. If you’re stressed out, your uterus may contract rhythmically (which is what causes orgasms), which might help your period start sooner than usual. It can also lead to heavier bleeding than normal.

However, this isn’t a 100% guarantee that your period will start earlier. If your body isn’t ready to start your period, sex won’t change anything. And if you’re already in the middle of your menstrual cycle, orgasms won’t speed things up that much.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sex can make your blood flow heavier, especially during orgasms. This is because your uterus contracts during orgasms, which can cause a little more bleeding. It might not be as dramatic as you might think, though. And if you’re worried about it, just remember that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little blood on your underwear. Many people are under the impression that menstrual blood is impure and carries infections, but there’s no reason to worry about this.

3. Getting frisky

Getting orgasmic with your significant other can increase blood flow to the pelvic area and possibly speed up the shedding of the uterine lining. This can lead to your period starting a little earlier than usual, but only if you’re already within the window of when your period is due and only if your menstrual cycle has started naturally. If you’re a virgin or haven’t had sex for a while, orgasms can kickstart your period by increasing prostaglandin production which stimulates the uterus to start shedding the lining.

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However, it’s important to remember that your menstrual cycle is a delicate balance of hormones, preparing your body for potential pregnancy each month. Although sex can speed up the process by increasing the shedding of the lining, it cannot change your menstrual cycle timing or regularity. If you are experiencing an early period or frequent bleeding after sex, it could be a sign of a medical issue like cervical cancer or an infection such as chlamydia or herpes. Seek a doctor immediately.

4. Exercise

Aside from being super important for your overall health, exercise is a huge boost to your libido. That’s why it’s totally normal to feel sexier during your period, especially if you’re using a condom with your partner and you reach climax during sex (it’s also super important to use a condom for penis-in-vagina sex, too).

But just like orgasms, exercise can make your period come earlier due to the surge of hormones released during physical activity. When you’re exercising, oxytocin is released, which helps with muscle contractions. Then, once you get orgasmy during sex, the oxytocin and adrenaline can help with your sexual pleasure and may cause the uterus to contract.

But it’s still possible to conceive even if you’re not at the point of ovulation. So, if you’re not careful with the timing of your sex, you could end up pregnant. Luckily, it’s extremely rare to get pregnant from sex in the days before your period. And, if you are worried, your doctor can run tests to see if you’re pregnant or not.

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5. Food

There’s a lot of information out there about things like food, herbs and supplements that may make your period come sooner. However, this kind of stuff is pretty unreliable — there’s no surefire way to get your period to start a few days early (unless you use hormonal birth control).

It’s true that certain foods can help make your period come sooner, especially those that are known as emmenagogues. They can stimulate blood flow in the pelvis and uterus, which can speed up menstruation. These include parsley, yarrow and rosemary, which can be brewed into tea, as well as ginger.

Pineapple is also often recommended, since it contains bromelain, an enzyme that’s thought to affect hormones. However, no scientific evidence has been found to prove that pineapple or bromelain can induce a period. It’s important to note that some techniques for inducing a period can jeopardize an early pregnancy, so it’s always best to talk to your doctor before trying them. They may be able to offer advice that will help you get your period when it’s needed.

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