How to Clean a Sex Doll

Cleaning your sex doll is a non-negotiable part of ownership. If you neglect to clean your doll between uses bacteria will form, degrading the material and possibly posing a health risk for you.

Proper care of your sex doll will make the cleaning process quick and easy. This article will cover how to clean your sex doll’s vagina, anus and mouth.

Vaginal or anal tunnels

Most sex dolls are either TPE or silicone, and both are good choices for those looking for something realistic but safe. They’re non-toxic and can be cleaned with mild soap and tepid water. Do not use bleach or rubbing alcohol, as these can damage the doll’s material. If you have a sex doll with a removable vagina, clean it after each use by flushing the hole with soapy water and draining it.

Keeping your sex doll clean is important for its long-term health. Doing so will help prevent mold and mildew, which can damage the material. It’s also a good idea to store your doll in a cool, dry place where it won’t be exposed to sunlight or extreme temperatures.

It’s often difficult to reach all the way into your sex doll’s orifices (cavities), so it’s best to clean these areas with forceps rather than with your hands. Otherwise, you’ll risk tearing the orifice itself. If you don’t have forceps, try using a sanitary wipe or a baby wipe to get inside. Another option is to use Coeros Quick Drying Absorbent Sticks, which are inserted into the orifices and absorb moisture. They’re available at most retailers. The company claims the sticks can be used in the anal, rectum, or oral orifices and are easy to use. They’re also reusable.

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The mouth on a sex doll needs to be cleaned regularly and properly. This is because a lot of bacteria can build up on the lips and in the oral cavity. This can lead to infection and, in extreme cases, even serious illness. Keeping the mouth clean is non-negotiable, just like it would be for any other part of your body.

When cleaning a TPE or silicone sex doll, you will need a variety of items. These include a vaginal irrigator, powder, talcum, mild soap and a towel. This will allow you to keep your sex doll looking and feeling great.

Irrigate the nozzle with warm water and apply a few drops of cleaner. This will help to keep the nozzle clean and clear. After irrigating, rinse well with warm water and gently wipe away any remaining residue with a soft dry towel.

Once you’ve finished washing your doll, it’s time to take care of her hair. A few drops of powder will help to keep the hair shiny and fresh. You can also use a comb and some shampoo to keep the scalp clean and healthy.

Finally, make sure to store your sex doll in a safe place so she doesn’t get damaged or stained by anything. Avoid jerking or twisting the doll as this could cause skin tears or joint misalignment. Also, make sure to dress her in clothing that is unlikely to transfer any colour.

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Keeping your sex doll clean is vital to ensuring its longevity. If it is not cared for properly, it can become a source of bacteria that will damage the silicone and TPE materials over time.

First, remove your sex doll’s head and wig. Next, use a soft cloth or sponge soaked in warm antibacterial soapy water to wipe the face of the doll. Be careful not to touch the eyes and lashes. Once the face has been cleaned, use a dry non-abrasive cloth to pat it dry. Be sure to avoid getting any moisture in the mouth area, as this can lead to rust on any metal parts.

Once your sex doll is completely clean and dry, it is important to protect the skin from friction damage. To do so, apply talcum powder to the body once every two weeks or at least once a month. You may also want to consider applying our Premium Renewal powder to high-stress areas of the body, such as the knees and inner groin, to prevent wear and tear from friction.

Lastly, it is important to store your sex doll in a cool and dark place. Doing so will help to ensure that it does not degrade over time from exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors. It is also a good idea to keep your sex doll in its original box when not in use to protect it from dirt and debris.


The lustrous wigs that adorn the heads of sex dolls are one of their most captivating features, and they need special care to maintain their allure. A dirty or greasy-looking wig will quickly turn off men and make the experience less satisfying for both parties. Cleaning a sex doll’s wig is easy, but it requires some attention to detail.

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First, comb the wig to detangle it, but be gentle. Synthetic hair wigs are fragile, and pulling too hard can cause them to break. A wig brush is a good choice, as it’s gentler on the wig than a regular comb or toothbrush.

Next, wash the wig using antibacterial soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, and use conditioner afterward to prevent tangles. When the wig is clean, dry it with a towel or microfiber cloth.

Finally, be sure to clean important areas like the vaginal and anal tunnels after every use to prevent bacterial growth. You can flush the canals by rinsing them with mild antibacterial soap water and then clean with clean water in a vaginal irrigator. After the canals are dry, dust them with Premium Renewal Powder to preserve the skin and prevent irritation. You should also apply baby powder to your sex doll after she’s washed, as this will remove any excess moisture and help her skin feel soft.

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