Where is How to Build a Sex Room Filmed?

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s How to Build a Sex Room, you may have wondered where the show is filmed. The first season of the spicy home renovation series follows couples as they transform their homes into NSFW rooms that reflect their fantasies and fetishes.

From rock-and-roll dungeons to next-level spas, Rose helps her clients bring their kinky dreams to life.


In the hit Netflix show, expert interior designer Melanie Rose is hired by a variety of couples looking to spice up their lives. She transforms their homes with erotic renovations, from rock-and-roll dungeons to next-level spas. Rose’s clients include a polycule, a married couple, and an independent woman who all have their own unique desires. She even makes a special trip to Boulder’s Vansmith to build a sex swing for two.

The show was filmed in Denver because the city has a large LGBTQ community and is known for its open-mindedness. The series was produced by High Noon Entertainment, the production company behind Fixer Upper and Cake Boss. It is also home to several sex-positive businesses, such as Awakening, a sex-positive boutique and boudoir photography studio.

The show aims to make sex less taboo and spark more conversation about the different ways people experience pleasure and intimacy. It also shows that sex rooms don’t need to be dirty or dangerous. However, the reality is that sex rooms aren’t for everyone. For example, a sex room that requires dexterity isn’t accessible to everyone, especially if the person suffers from poor ankle, knee, and hip joints. So, if you’re thinking of building a sex room in your home, there are a few things you should know before starting the project.

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A new show on Netflix features British interior designer Melanie Rose helping couples build intimate spaces. The series premiered on July 8, and the eight episodes capture a steamy home transformation, including a fetish-positive basement, a suite with plenty of pizzazz, and more.

In each episode, Rose meets with the couples to discuss their sexual fantasies and passions. She then builds a private room for them to indulge in their fantasies. Her clients are often hesitant at first, but she soon helps them overcome their reservations and explore their wild sides. The rooms she creates range from a dedicated sex room to redesigned bedrooms.

According to the show’s trailer, Rose’s clients include rock and roll fans, a polyamorous family, and even some “frisky farmers.” The series is a must-see for anyone who wants to spice up their love life.

As for where How to Build a Sex Room was filmed, the show features scenes shot in London, England. The show’s host, Melanie Rose, is a London native who has a history of working in the theater and on television. She currently works as a renowned interior designer, and she is known for her ability to transform homes into erotic spaces. She has designed everything from bedrooms to living rooms and has become a popular name in the industry.

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New York

The sexy city of New York has played a starring role in many movies and TV shows. From Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment building to the infamous TKTS discount booth, New York has a lot to offer filming locations. The Seven Year Itch — filmed on Broadway and Lexington Avenue — and Inside Man are just two examples of famous NYC spots that have been featured in Hollywood flicks.

How to Build a Sex Room is a reality show that premiered on July 8, and it follows several couples as they work with interior designer Melanie Rose to turn their houses into sex rooms. Rose is like a raunchy Mary Poppins, but she has much dirtier tricks in her bag. She helps couples like Shenika and Matthew and Ouima and Jesse realize their kinky fantasies by creating intimate spaces that will satisfy their fetishes.

In addition to sex rooms, the show delves into other aspects of sexual exploration, including flogging and cage play. During the first episode, Rose demonstrates how to use a spanking bench while Mike, her general contractor, doles out gentle whippings. She also helps clients discover new kinks through a series of erotic exercises, and the results can be quite raunchy! For example, she teaches self-described “tops” Gary and Tricia how to use a sex toy while in the sex shed.

Los Angeles

One of the most popular new shows on Netflix is a sex-positive home transformation series that delves into the kinkier side of design. The first eight episodes of How to Build a Sex Room capture interior designer Melanie Rose’s attempt to help married couples bring back the spark in their marriages by creating spaces specifically for sex and intimacy.

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In the series, which premiered on July 8, Rose meets with a diverse array of couples—ranging from Shenika and Matthew to Ouima and Jesse to a polyamorous family of seven and a single woman—who ask her to transform their bedrooms, basements, Sprinter vans, sheds, or other rooms into fetish-positive pleasure spaces. In order to do so, she pushes her clients juuust out of their comfort zones, taking them to boutique toy shops, giving them one-on-one dominatrix lessons, and even one-on-one Shibari classes.

Rose’s randy bag of tricks is what really makes How to Build a Sex Room so deliciously watchable. As a result, the series is a scintillating spin on home makeover shows with a splash of erotic education thrown in for good measure.

Many viewers have called Rose a sexy Mary Poppins, and the comparison isn’t entirely off-base. After all, her posh British accent and randy bag of kinky tools are what allow her to take the dreams of vanilla couples and kink-seekers alike and turn them into reality.

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