Does Sex Help With Constipation?

People experience sex differently based on their culture, sexuality and gender. In general, sex isn’t harmful as long as it’s consensual.

Constipation is a common problem. Symptoms vary from person to person, but they include pooping less than three times a week or stools that are hard and pellet-shaped. Many wonder if having anal or vaginal sex can help relieve constipation.

Vaginal Intercourse

Sexual activity is known to stimulate the digestive system and encourage regular bowel movements. However, if you are constipated, the sex may not be as pleasurable. This is due to the fact that hard stools put pressure on the colon and rectum making the sex painful and uncomfortable. It’s also important to keep in mind that having sex while full of stool can increase your risk for infection since bacteria can enter the anus from the rectum during penetration.

Pain during sex can also be caused by tight muscles in the pelvic floor that can result from constipation. This is often the case in women who experience constipation after childbirth or during recovery from pregnancy and delivery. In this situation, the pain is usually accompanied by cramping and bloating.

If you are experiencing pain during vaginal sex, try switching positions, adding lubrication or experimenting with toys such as vibrators and dildos. If the pain persists, talk to your partner and consult a doctor about what is causing the pain.

In addition to regular bowel movements, a good diet, exercise and stress management can help prevent constipation. If you do not see improvement with these strategies, consider seeking medical care as laxatives can be helpful in relieving constipation. It’s also a good idea to avoid constipation-inducing foods such as dairy, fried food and processed sugar.

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Painful Vaginal Infections

When patients come into Staller’s clinic with chronic constipation, they often complain that pooping during sex is making them feel uncomfortable or even in pain. This is because the muscles that support bowel movements and sexual function are connected, so when one set of muscles become weakened, it can affect the other.

Generally, when you are constipated, your colon and rectum are full of hard pieces of stool that have accumulated behind the colon wall. This causes pressure, pain and bloating during sex. However, it is possible to get around this by having a woman-on-top sex position or spooning, which both reduce the amount of pressure placed on your abdomen during sex and can help you to defecate.

In addition, if you are extremely backed up and you have anal sex, bacteria in the stool can travel from the anus into the vagina or urethra, causing an infection. This can be a very painful experience for both you and your partner, and it is important to seek medical care immediately.

For many people, adjusting lifestyle habits like drinking lots of water and eating fiber-rich foods can help with constipation. Other treatments may include herbal supplements, prescription laxatives and rectal suppositories. Talking to your partner and trying sex positions that don’t put too much pressure on the abdomen are also helpful, as well as learning how to defecate in the toilet.

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Urinary Tract Infections

If you’re constipated, it’s likely that you have lots of stool stored in your rectum. That’s a problem because stool creates pressure that pushes against the anus, which can cause pain and cramping during intercourse.

In addition, having sex while constipated may increase the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs). These occur when bacteria that live in the vagina or genital area enters the urethra and then moves up into the bladder. Those bacteria can include those from anal sex (which occurs when the long, wide penis goes in the anus and causes scar tissue that damages the urethra), as well as chlamydia, gonorrhea or other organisms. Women have shorter urethras than men, which can make it easier for bacteria to move from the anus into their bladders.

Having penetrative sex while constipated may also contribute to anal pain because the large penis can damage the small anal canal. This can lead to enlarged internal hemorrhoids, fistulas and ulcers, rectocele, weakness of the anal sphincters, incontinence, and chronic constipation. It’s best to wait until you’ve purged before having anal sex, and to avoid using products that add irritation, such as feminine hygiene sprays or scented douches. Wash your genitals with warm water before and after sex, and use cotton underwear instead of nylon. Also, empty your bladder often and take frequent showers, if possible, to prevent overfilling.

See Your Doctor

Many factors can affect your number of bowel movements each week, including diet, age, and health conditions. But if you pass fewer than three stools per week or your stool is hard and difficult to move, it may be time to see a doctor about constipation.

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In most cases, if you have constipation, you will be able to solve the problem by making lifestyle changes. These can include increasing the amount of fiber you eat and drinking more water, which helps your stool move more easily. You may also benefit from a dietary supplement or a laxative, such as a magnesium sulfate tablet. You can also get a colonic massage or a prescription for an enema.

If you’re experiencing severe pain during sex or constipation that doesn’t improve with these lifestyle changes, it is important to talk to your doctor. Your doctor can help determine if there is an underlying medical condition that’s causing your symptoms and recommend treatment options.

Anal sex can also lead to constipation because large, hard stools put pressure on the rectum. This can damage the rectum and cause long-term pelvic problems such as a hernia or rectocele. If you do have anal sex while constipated, it’s important to talk about it with your partner and seek medical attention if necessary. In some cases, a foreign object like a sex toy can become lodged in the rectum and require emergency surgery to remove.

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