How to Beg During Sex

The only way to know if you’re a true lover is to make her orgasm in uncontrollable pleasure and beg for more sex. Learn exactly how to do that in this discreet newsletter.

Begging during sex is a sexy skill that makes you more intimate with your partner. However, begging is only successful when it’s genuine and uncomfortable.

Be vulnerable.

One of the most effective things you can do during sex is to be vulnerable. It’s a way to show that you care and have trust in your partner.

For example, some Dominants respond well to a woman expressing how her cock is throbbing or clit is aching. This kind of nonverbal begging can be extremely powerful, and it lets your partner know that you are feeling intense need and desperation.

Another great way to be vulnerable during sex is to stroke your partner’s body, particularly her legs and erogenous zones. Gently stroking her thighs and touching her nipples can give you both an emotional connection, as well as make her feel sexy.

If you want to push the vulnerability even further, ask your partner about their deepest and darkest sexual fantasies and fetishes. Most women don’t do this, and it’s a shame, because guys love to hear about their innermost fantasies and feelings, especially the kinky ones! They’ll feel honored to be asked, and they might find it difficult to resist. Be sure to give them lots of compliments as they share their secrets with you.

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Be honest.

In order to be successful when begging during sex, you need to be honest about what you want. This will help to fuel desire and make the experience more exciting for both of you. For instance, if there is a certain part of their body that is extra sensitive or you know that a particular position is a turn-off for them, let them know.

Verbal begging is often best when used in conjunction with other forms of communication, like foreplay. Non-verbal begging can also be sexy and help to build sexual tension. For example, biting your lips or leaning in to kiss them can communicate lust and desperation well. Many Dominants enjoy the sexy look of puppy dog eyes, which can convey a pleading appeal for attention.

Some Dominants also like to hear about a submissive’s deepest dark fantasies and kinky fetishes during sex, as this can make them feel like they are truly connecting with their partner. Be careful not to use this technique if your Dominant isn’t into it, as it could put them off.

Be sexy.

For some guys, hearing a girl beg during sex is their personal kryptonite. It makes them feel like a god. And there’s nothing sexier than a woman moaning “your name,” which is the ultimate sign of her desire.

During foreplay, teasing and creating buildup is a surefire way to get her in the mood. For example, slowly and partially inserting your penis can send her into a frenzy. This method also works well for oral sex and hand jobs.

Begging is sexy when you make your partner uncomfortable. By blushing, sweating and fidgeting, you can show that you’re nervous about pleading and make it more compelling for your partner to hear.

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If you’re in the midst of a BDSM scene or sex, it’s even more hot to display your neediness with gyrations and body movements. If you want to elicit a particular type of sensation, show her by spreading your legs or thrusting your cock. This will make it easier for her to tell you what she wants, too. Whether it’s an orgasm or a specific position, your partner will appreciate knowing what you need.

Be direct.

Often, men get confused when they ask their partners what they want in bed. They may be hesitant to say anything too specific, which can leave them feeling like they are playing 20 Questions. If you are looking for more pressure, more anal stimulation, or even a break, be sure to let your partner know.

Talking about sex can feel a little awkward, especially in a new relationship. But being direct about what you want in bed can help to eliminate the guessing game and make your sex life more satisfying for both of you.

Try describing your climax fantasies to your partner, and be sure to include the part of them that turns you on the most. This is a great way to ignite their sexual desires and turn up the heat. You can also try asking them about their own deepest, darkest fantasies and kinky fetishes. It can be a bit scary for them to answer, but it can really turn them on when they do. Be sure to look them in the eyes when you do this, and use a serious tone of voice.

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Be uncomfortable.

Trying to beg during sex can feel uncomfortable. Especially when you’re first learning how to do it, or if you aren’t used to talking about your body in such intimate ways with a partner. But this discomfort is exactly what makes begging sexy and powerful. Being uncomfortable shows that you’re being honest and vulnerable.

You can also use your discomfort to your advantage when begging by being physically expressive. For example, if your cock is throbbing or you’re feeling desperate for an orgasm, let that show through body language and physical movement. Try spreading your legs, wriggling your butt, and even showing off your breasts.

But please remember that sexual coercion is never okay, regardless of how much you want sex or how willing you are to beg for it. Be aware of your partners body language, and make sure they are respecting your boundaries at all times. If they are using verbal or physical coercion, slow down, speak up, and use the National Sexual Assault Hotline on chat, phone, or app to talk about your options.

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