How to Use a Sex Pillow

Whether you’re looking to make missionary sex more exciting or want your guy to hit the g-spot every time during oral, a sex pillow is a great investment. They are shaped to elevate and support your body while taking you deeper into positions for heightened orgasms.

But how do you use a sex pillow? Here are some tips for beginners.


When you use a sex pillow, you can take pleasure to new levels by unlocking a range of positions and angles. They come in many shapes and sizes, from a short cylinder to an almost-round wedge. Some pillows also feature a toy mount so you can use them with a vibrator or other object for even more stimulation.

If you’re a woman and want to experience the pleasure of being on top, try the Cowgirl position. This enables you to reach your g spot and intensifies the sensation of your partner grinding against you. If you’re a man, the sex pillow can be used to enhance a variety of positions including oral and missionary. Just place the pillow under your body so it elevates your hips for a more comfortable and engaging experience.

If you’re bored of vanilla masturbation, try stacking the pillow and placing a phallic object underneath, such as an empty shampoo bottle or a vibrator *safety first!*. You can also add heat to the mix by putting the pillow in the microwave for a few seconds. The warmth will heighten the sensations and make you even more eager for orgasm. This technique works with all types of sex pillows and can be used solo as well as in couples. It just takes a little practice and imagination to get the most out of your pillow humping sessions.

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Getting Started

Adding a sex pillow to your partnered or solo sessions can unlock new positions and sensations that can increase orgasms. It may take some time to get used to using one, but a little practice and communication with your partner can help you figure out how to use the pillow most effectively.

While sex pillows sound kinky and can certainly be used for kink play, they’re also a great way to make partnered or solo sessions more satisfying, especially for women with larger penises, Lovehoney sexologist Chantelle Otten tells SELF. “Sex furniture, like sex pillows, is designed to assist with positioning, making awkward or tricky angles accessible and easy,” she says. “And a better position means more orgasms.”

A wedge-shaped sex pillow, like the Liberator Wedge and Dame Pillo, can be used to prop up the hips, while a crescent-wedge combination pillow, such as the Toughage inflatable pillow and Dame Body Suit, is designed to cradle the head for more targeted support. Many sex pillows are available in adult stores, but the best option is online, where you’ll find more variety and reliable reviews. Skip sketchy Amazon sellers and look for sex pillows that are certified by an independent organization like Good Vibes or Toughage.

Once you’ve bought a pillow, try it out during foreplay or solo play to familiarize yourself with the shape and size. Then, once you’re comfortable using it with your partner, slowly work it into penetration.

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Getting Comfortable

Whether used with or without sex toys, sex pillows are easy to experiment with and can be useful for enhancing comfort and pleasure in many positions. They also allow couples to try new positions and angles that might otherwise be difficult or uncomfortable.

Sex pillows are firmer than your average pillow and come in a variety of shapes to support different body parts during sexual activities. They are often made from a high-density foam and have a machine washable cover, making them convenient to use.

A sex pillow can help to lift the hips of the receiver as they are being entered or penetrated, which can reduce strain on both bodies. It can also be placed under the back or butt to provide a great amount of rear stimulation and can be especially effective for doggy, anal and other types of anal play.

If you and your partner are new to using a sex pillow, it is best to begin with it during foreplay or solo play so that you can become familiar with the shape and feel of the pillow. Remember to communicate openly with your partner about what feels comfortable and what doesn’t. Over time, you may find that the pillow opens up new areas of exploration that lead to heightened orgasms for both partners.


When you get a good quality sex pillow, it’s a fun way to experiment with new positions. You can use it for masturbation on your own or with a partner. You can also add toys to make it even more exciting. Some pillows have vibration functions, too.

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It’s important to consider the shape and slant of the pillow, too. You want a pillow that can accommodate you comfortably in several different positions, but that’s still firm enough to give you pleasure and support. It’s also a good idea to look at the stitching. You don’t want to buy a pillow that is made of cheap foam that will tear apart easily.

If you’re thinking about buying a sex pillow, talk to your partner first. If they’re open to the idea, then you can start by experimenting with it during foreplay. Adding a sex pillow to your sexual routine can be an exciting new dynamic that encourages communication and vulnerability in your relationship, which is always good. As long as it’s consensual and safe, trying out different positions with a sex pillow is a great way to discover your most pleasurable ways of using it. This can lead to a deeper level of emotional intimacy and increased sexual satisfaction for both partners. The pillow can also be a helpful tool for individuals with physical limitations, or those who have trouble reaching certain areas without difficulty.

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