How to Use a Sex Wedge

A sex wedge is a great tool for stimulating different angles of penetration. It can also be useful for partners with physical limitations or pain.

Upgrade the missionary position with a sex wedge and experience more intense g-spot stimulation. It also allows the partner to focus on penetration without straining the neck.

Getting Started

The best way to start using a sex wedge is to try out tried and true positions that you know will give you pleasure. Unlike standard pillows that flatten and offer little support, wedge sex pillows have unique shapes that allow you to elevate different parts of the body for added sensations and more exciting angles.

For example, propping a wedge sex pillow under the knees can provide bouncing leverage for partners that find it difficult to keep their bodies upright and in position during penetrative acts. The wedge can also help to minimize the ground covered during thrusts or movements, thereby enhancing penetration and decreasing the risk of injury.

Another great use of a sex wedge is to make oral sex more comfortable for the receiver, especially during cunnilingus. The giver can place the pillow’s short leg underneath the receiver’s butt to elevate their hips and tilt their pelvis forward for sensational G-spot and P-spot stimulation.

Finally, sex wedges can also be used to improve comfort and extend duration for many penetrative positions, including missionary sex. The vulva owner can place the pillow’s long leg on their back, with the butt against the short side of the wedge, to raise and rotate their pelvis for increased g-spot stimulation and a more pleasurable experience. The wedge can also be used to elevate the receiver’s legs during oral sex, which makes it easier for them to reach the dildo and provides more room for grinding.

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Using the Wedge Pillow for Penetrating Positions

Many classic sex positions can be taken to the next level with the use of a sex wedge – This section has been constructed by the website’s experts Missionary, cowgirl and doggy style all get an upgrade by changing the angle of penetration to stimulate different areas. This increased stimulation can lead to orgasms in both partners. The wedge can also alleviate discomfort or pain caused by certain positions.

A longer sex pillow, known as a ramp, is another great way to enhance penetrating positions. The ramp can be used in the same ways as a wedge, but it elevates the penis-haver’s hips to give them a more horizontal approach. This enables them to more easily hit the g-spot and penetrate deeper. The ramp can also help them fuck better in the anal area, if that’s something they want to explore.

Using a sex wedge can be intimidating for some partners. It’s important to introduce the pillow gently and slowly and to communicate openly with your partner about sexual experimentation in general. Start with foreplay or a solo session and gradually work your way up to more intense sessions. You can even pair a sex wedge with a half moon-shaped pillow for masturbation. Incorporating a sex pillow can be a great way to show your partner you care about their comfort and pleasure. This can lead to more emotional intimacy and a deeper sense of fulfillment in your relationship.

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Using the Wedge Pillow for Oral Positions

A wedge sex pillow can be used to make oral positions like doggy style, anal, and clitoral stimulation more comfortable for both partners. It’s particularly helpful for the bottom partner, who might otherwise find it hard to reach their genitals or maintain the position for long periods of time.

When the wedge is placed under the partner’s hips during missionary or cowgirl, it elevates the pelvis for deeper penetration and better access to the anus. It’s also a great option for the top, as it gives them a more horizontal angle to target the g-spot and a-spot (the anterior fornix of the vagina), both of which can cause deeply satisfying orgasms.

For oral sex, the wedge can be placed between the thighs of the receiver to give them more support and help them stay in the position for longer. It can also be used to lift the bottom partner’s hips during doggy style or anal sex, making their genitals easier to access and providing additional stimulation for clitoral arousal.

If the partner wants to try a wheelbarrow or reverse doggy position, they can rest their chin on the pillow and use it to hold themselves up, kind of like the handles of a wheelbarrow. This position is especially good for the bottom partner as it reduces the amount of ground they have to cover with their thrusts and helps them bounce more easily, resulting in a much more pleasurable experience for both parties.

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Using the Wedge Pillow for Leg Elevation

A wedge pillow is a great option for elevating the legs during oral and penetrative positions. Having the legs up opens up more sensations and angles to explore, says Lovehoney sex expert Megan Fleming, MD. Adding the wedge pillow to classic sex positions like missionary and doggy style can lead to more intense orgasms by stimulating the a-spot.

A sex wedge can also enhance orgasms in other classic positions by providing more stimulation to the vulva and clitoris, Fleming adds. For example, when positioned under the receiver’s hips in missionary, a wedge pillow can take pressure off their lower back and make it easier for a giver to penetrate their vulva.

Alternatively, the bottom can lay on the long end of the wedge to elevate their pelvis during a lazy dog position. This takes the pressure off their knees and makes it easier for a partner to enter the vagina, while also creating a more intimate feel than standard doggy style.

Choosing the right wedge pillow for your needs depends on your goals and physical health, says Queen. For instance, if you have glaucoma or other eye conditions, the higher incline angle of some sex pillows may worsen your symptoms. To avoid this, consider a lower-incline pillow like this basic model from Drive Medical that gets rave reviews for being durable and budget-friendly.

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