Is Sex Better When You’re High?

Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities you can engage in. And if done right, weed can be a powerful tool in the bedroom.

But is sex better when you’re high? It depends on the person, the strain, and the setting. As with all things related to weed, the answer isn’t black and white.

Increased Sensation

Weed can increase your senses, which can make for a more intense orgasm. That’s not surprising given the fact that weed is a natural vasodilator (opens blood vessels to boost blood flow). Plus, it’s known to increase serotonin, which contributes to feelings of happiness and pleasure.

While it’s important to note that many studies involving sex and marijuana use self-assessments rather than hard facts, the anecdotal evidence is solid. People report that sex is more pleasurable when they’re high, and that they tend to have longer orgasms.

For women, there’s also a link between routine cannabis use and higher orgasm intensity during sex, per SELF. In addition, a 2019 study found that those who used cannabis prior to sex reported more intense sensations and longer orgasms.

The key is to find the right strain for you and your partner. Some strains are heavy in sensitivity-boosting caryophyllene and limonene, which can prime your body for sex. Others, like OG Kush, have high levels of THC and are known for their potent orgasms. Try a few and see what works best for you and your partner.


One of the keys to a satisfying sexual experience is feeling relaxed. Adding marijuana to your sex game can help you feel more centered and grounded, which can enhance your sense of pleasure.

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The vasodilatory effect of cannabis causes a calm euphoria that can lower inhibitions without making you feel too high or out of control. This can make you more receptive to your partner and encourage you to explore new positions or try out some more sensual sex techniques.

Marijuana can also boost the production of hormones like oxytocin and prolactin, which increase feelings of bonding and trust and decrease cortisol levels, which are produced when you’re stressed out. High levels of cortisol can put you in a “fight or flight” response, which isn’t good for your brain or body.

Many participants reported that sex felt better when they were high on alcohol or marijuana. However, it’s important to remember that the effects of these drugs can vary depending on dosage and your own unique body chemistry.


Sex can be one of the most pleasurable experiences anyone has. It ranks right up there with marrying the person of your dreams, winning the lottery, and watching England win the 2020 Euros. But what if there was a way to make it even better? Getting high is one way to do it.

This euphoric feeling that THC causes can make you more receptive to your partner and lower inhibitions. But unlike the numbing effects of alcohol, marijuana also allows you to feel the sensations of sex in a more intimate way. This can make it more satisfying for both partners.

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In fact, some participants in the Archives of Sexual Behavior study reported that they felt more creative in the sack under the influence of marijuana than when sober. These participants were more likely to try new positions and explore random erogenous zones. This is probably because marijuana spurs creativity and allows you to experiment in ways that are more comfortable for you and your partner. But don’t forget: if you get too high, it may be hard to reach orgasm.


The sensation of sex is one of the most pleasurable things you can experience. It’s in the same league as marrying your soulmate, winning the lottery or watching England win Euro 2020. And if you’re in the right mood, cannabis can enhance this pleasure even further. In fact, a NCBI study found that weed increases satisfaction with orgasm compared to sober sex.

One reason why may be that marijuana makes you feel creative in the sack. It encourages you to try new positions and explore kinks, which can lead to greater sexual satisfaction. And it also helps you solve problems that might arise in the bedroom.

This problem-solving is an essential part of sex, especially in long-term relationships where you need to keep things fresh. One of the main ways people keep their partners interested in sex is by switching things up, and cannabis-induced ideas for new tricks can be one way to do that. Moreover, creativity also helps you come up with ideas that can give you an orgasm, like playing with new sex toys or exploring random positions you wouldn’t think of when sober.

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In one study, participants reported that cannabis made them feel more horny and increased their sense of touch. They also reported being more satisfied with orgasms. The feeling of euphoria and disinhibition can make it easy to lose control. This can lead to unsafe sexual behavior, like not using protection or hooking up with someone who could be carrying an STI.

The good news is that your body makes its own cannabinoids, and weed may be the most natural aphrodisiac around. The leaves of the marijuana plant have been used since ancient times for their aphrodisiac properties, and they can be purchased legally in many places.

Adding marijuana to your bedroom routine can turn lovemaking into a ritual, similar to how you might have dinner and a glass of wine with your partner before making love. But it’s important to remember that any mind-altering substance can have a negative impact on your judgment, especially if you’re tired or stressed. That’s why it’s always important to use protection and keep an eye on your partner.

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