Where to Hide Sex Toys

If you have a vibrator and want to keep it away from prying eyes, there are lots of places you can hide it. Many of these secret hiding spots are also lockable, which makes them extra secure.

A poster tube is a great place to store a slim sex toy like a dildo. You can even buy one that has a combination lock.


If you live with kids, it’s vital to keep your sex toys out of sight and out of mind. Whether you’re using a pillow case or discreetly shipping plushies to yourself, it’s always best to avoid leaving your toys exposed to dirt, dust and curious little eyes. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to hide your sex toys in or around the house.

One of the most popular places to hide a dildo is inside a book. This can be as simple as stuffing your dildo into a textbook that you don’t plan on reading or even buying a hollowed-out book that is big enough for a vibrator. It’s a great way to get a little more privacy and keeps your sex toys safe from nosy family members or roommates.

Another idea is to store your dildo in a large storage box. You can find plenty of different sizes to fit your dildo and many come with or can accommodate a lock, making them double-protected against prying eyes! This is especially useful if you want to travel with your sex toy, as it can easily be hidden in the back of a suitcase that you don’t use all that often.

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If a toy chest isn’t quite doing it for you, you can try a filing cabinet or other similar type of storage container. These are a great choice for those who have larger collections that can’t fit into a box or toy chest.

Filing Cabinets

Many people have a filing cabinet in their home for important documents, this can be a great place to hide sex toys. The cabinets are usually locked and can keep your toys away from prying eyes. If you don’t have a filing cabinet in your home, you can use any lockable container to hide your sex toys. You can even purchase hollowed out books for this purpose.

A suitcase can be another good place to hide a sex toy. It’s very easy to conceal a dildo or vibrator inside of one and it’s unlikely that anyone will be searching through your luggage for the next best toy.

You can also hide a dildo in a tampon box. The long tubes that hold the tampons are perfect for hiding a small dildo or vibrator. If you’re worried that your nosy house mates or parents might open the box, consider buying one of those bags that are designed to store tampons and have double zips that can be secured with a padlock.

If you have a lot of toys, the options may seem more limited, but don’t despair! There are plenty of other ways to hide your sex toys that are just as secretive. You can hide a dildo in an old potato chip bag, in your hoodie pocket or even in the box for that game you’ve never played.

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A suitcase is a great place to hide a sex toy. They’re cheap, come in all different sizes and can be locked. You can even buy suitcases that are hollowed out, making it easy to keep vibrators, anal beads and prostate massagers in one place. You can also use a suitcase to store small toys, like condoms and lube packets.

Another great place to hide a sexy toy is a pillowcase or lingerie bag. A pillowcase can be stuffed with clothes or other materials to make it bulkier and harder for nosy people to get into. A lingerie bag can be used in a similar way, but with a little bit more effort. You can also stuff a dildo inside an old plush animal – just cut away the seams to create a space big enough for your sex toy.

If you have kids or live with someone else, hiding sex toys is essential. Most of the best places to hide sex toys are in rooms that no one is allowed in – but this isn’t always possible. So, you can try some of the other ideas on this list to hide your sex toys from curious nosey people. You can also put them in a box or other container that’s locked and then tucked into an out-of-the-way spot.

Old Hi-Fi Speakers

If you have any old hi-fi speakers laying around (and they don’t have any holes in them from being broken or stolen) hollowing one out and using it as a hiding place for your sex toys is a great idea. They don’t take up much space, they’re easy to hide in your room and you can also lock them up if you want to.

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The best place to hide sex toys from small children is probably in a drawer or cupboard somewhere out of their reach. That way if they do happen to come across them they’ll probably write it off as a normal box of knick-knacks.

Alternatively, you could use a draw-string bag to keep your toys in. This is a classic place to store things like jewellery and trinkets, but it’s also good for nipple clamps and cock rings. Plus, a lot of people already use these types of bags to store their money and cash, so they won’t suspect anything.

Lastly, you might want to consider ordering your toys online from a company who offers discreet shipping. That way your secret is safe until you’re ready to use them. HappyBed for example ships its products in a cell-phone accessory box with an inconspicuous company name, which makes it hard to tell what the package is before opening it.

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