When is National Sex Day?

If you are interested in trying out new fetishes or getting extra kinky in bed, National Sex Day is the perfect time to do it! This day also happens to be a great time for a threesome!

Try out that new sex position you have seen in movies or heard about from friends. It will help you break out of your comfort zone and get more comfortable with open discussions about sex.

June 9th

The holiday was created to generate much-needed conversation about sex and end the silence on a subject that shouldn’t be taboo to begin with. It also encourages an open mind to a topic that can be exciting and fun, especially for those who are looking to explore their sexuality.

You may want to use this day to try a new sex position with your partner or a friend. Or maybe it’s the perfect time to take your sex toys out for a spin! Alternatively, you can celebrate the holiday by doing something more relaxing like reading a book together or taking a nice hot bath.

This is the perfect time to get some threesome action, if you’re in a relationship that’s up for it! If you’re not, try a different kinky fetish that is safe to do alone or with your partner.

Research has shown that regular sexual activity can boost your body’s ability to produce antibodies, strengthening the immune system and helping you avoid common illnesses. It’s also been linked to increased happiness and a reduction in stress levels.

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No Panty Day

No Panty Day is an unofficial holiday that gives women a reason to skip their panties and go commando. While not wearing undergarments may seem strange to some people, it can be a very liberating feeling for women. It also allows women to discuss their hygiene practices and other important issues more openly.

While the holiday is geared towards women, men can join in too. It’s a great opportunity to throw out your old, worn-out panties and start fresh with a pair of underwear that you actually want to wear.

You can also use National Sex Day as an excuse to try out a new sex position – This quote is provided by the portal’s editor Annie Sexxx Teen. If you’re a guy, maybe get yourself some sexy new underwear that will make your pussy look good. If you’re a girl, try out some of the many different sex positions that can make your pussy more exciting.

Sex is a positive and healthy part of life, but it’s often a taboo subject. National Sex Day helps to break the silence and encourages open discussion about a topic that’s both fun and powerful. People have sex for many reasons, including pleasure, stress relief, attraction, curiosity, and commitment.

National Horny Day

National Horny Day is the perfect time to redefine what sex means to you. Having sex does so much more than procreate, and it’s important to remember that sex is about pleasure as well.

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It’s also a good day to get out of your comfort zone and try a new position. There are tons of sex positions out there, and a little experimentation can lead to an unexpected orgasm.

The origin of this unofficial holiday is unclear, but it may have to do with the fact that the date June 9th (6/9) resembles a well-known sex position, coitus. It is also the last day of National Threesome Month, so it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate your love for a partner or a fling by getting extra kinky together.

Sexual pleasure does so much more than just boost libido and produce happy hormones like oxytocin, but it can also help to improve your health. Studies have shown that regular sex can increase your body’s production of antibodies, which can help fight against common illnesses.

This day was created to promote a more open dialogue about sex and end the taboo around it. This is an excellent day to discuss your sexual desires with a close friend or lover, and to set some sexual goals for the future. The best part is that you can have this discussion in a judgment-free zone, so don’t be afraid to reveal your deepest, dirtiest fantasies!

National Masturbation Month

National Masturbation Month is an annual ode to masturbation, a common but taboo act that promotes self-love and sexual health. It was first introduced in 1995 by a San Francisco sex toy store in honor of the late US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired for suggesting that masturbation should be part of sexual education. Since then, it has grown into a global movement to reduce the stigma around masturbation and encourage people of all genders to engage in the act.

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While the exact origins of this holiday are unclear, it is celebrated on June 9th because it represents 6/9, a nod to a popular oral sex position. Whether or not you want to celebrate this day with your partner, it’s the perfect time to have some fun with your oral fetishes.

The kinky celebrations don’t end there, however. It’s also National Hotel Sex Day, and the idea is to book a room in a motel, bed and breakfast, or vacation rental and have some extra kinky fun with your partner. The best part is, this can be done without having to worry about a messy cleanup.

These are just a few of the many sexy holidays that take place throughout the year. Check out our 2022 sex-positive calendar for more, and start planning your sexy adventures!

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