Why Do I Go Soft During Sex?

Whether you’re in a one-night stand or a long-term relationship, losing your erection halfway through sex can be frustrating and embarrassing. Fortunately, you can usually fix it pretty quickly.

If you’re struggling with a soft penis, here are some things that might be contributing to your problem: 1. Excessive Alcohol Consumption.

1. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

A guy goes soft during sex on occasion, and it’s not necessarily a big deal if it happens during a one-night stand or in the early stages of a relationship. However, if it’s a recurring issue, it may be time to investigate the underlying cause.

Drinking too much alcohol can cause a temporary bout of erectile dysfunction, also known as “whiskey d**k.” Alcohol impairs inhibitory control in the brain, allowing fewer pleasure hormones to be produced and sent to the penis. This causes a flaccid erection that can lead to a loss of interest in sexual stimulation.

Alcohol consumption can also make blood vessels more rigid, reducing the flow of oxygen to the penis. This can cause a soft erection that makes sexual performance less satisfying for both partners.

Tobacco usage is another common reason for men to go soft during sex. It can damage the endothelial cells that line the blood vessels, causing them to become more rigid and decrease the flow of blood. This can lead to a soft erection that is difficult to sustain during sex. This can be particularly problematic in a long-term relationship. Fortunately, quitting tobacco can dramatically improve libido. A prostate massager like the Vector Prostate Massager can help restore a man’s bedroom mojo after he has quit smoking. This product is easy to use, discreet and works quickly.

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2. Excessive Masturbation

Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of the human sexual experience. However, like any behavior, it can become problematic if it takes up too much of an individual’s time and energy. For instance, if you or your partner find yourself masturbating in bed before or during sex on a regular basis or if the thought of it is constantly on your mind, that may be a sign that it has gone too far.

Moreover, excessive masturbation can lead to mental side effects such as feelings of guilt and obsession with pornography or other sexual triggers. It can also cause a person to lose their sense of self-worth and have low libido.

This is especially common in post-menopausal women. The decrease in sex hormones leads to vaginal laxity and makes it difficult to maintain an erection. To combat this, you should try to bump up your progesterone levels.

If you find that masturbation is a major focus of your life or you have difficulty staying hard during sex, it’s best to seek help from a therapist. A trained therapist can help you identify your triggers and provide you with coping strategies that will allow you to stop masturbating. They can also teach you to defer your orgasms so that you can experience more pleasure when you do have the opportunity to engage in sex.

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3. Stress

Men can suffer from a’soft penis’ during sex for a variety of reasons. One of the most common causes is sexual performance anxiety. Men are told all the time how long an erection should last during sex, and this can lead to a lot of pressure and stress. If a guy is worrying about whether his performance will be good enough, he’ll likely be too preoccupied to even try.

It’s also possible that a guy goes soft due to a lack of emotional connection with his partner. If he’s not emotionally interested in his partner, it’s easy to psyche himself out and lose his mojo during sex. If a man is having difficulty connecting with his partner, it may be worth trying some foreplay and spending some time cuddling to build the connection before attempting full on sex.

Women can suffer from a soft penis as well, but this usually occurs for very different reasons. One of the most common causes is post-menopausal symptoms, which can cause a decrease in sex drive and a loss of vaginal firmness. This can be a huge problem, but it’s usually easily fixable by bumping up a woman’s progesterone levels. It’s important to be honest with your partner about any issues that are affecting sexual desire and arousal.

4. Sexual Performance Anxiety

Men who go soft during sex due to sexual performance anxiety may be able to reduce the frequency of their episodes by seeking treatment. This could involve anything from meditation and a regular masturbation routine, to a visit to the doctor for a physical exam and a discussion of their specific anxiety triggers.

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Even if you are experienced in sex, concerns about whether or not you’re doing it right can detract from the overall sexual experience. These thoughts can also prevent you from giving your partner the erotically stimulating attention they deserve, which can ultimately lead to them going soft as well.

Often, these anxieties can have a negative impact on both partners and can also be a sign of underlying mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. In the case of sexual performance anxiety, a trained psychologist can help.

For many people, the solution is to focus on what they can control. For example, they should try to relax during sex and spend some time on foreplay before going all the way. This will allow for better blood flow which is crucial to having a firm erection and will increase the chances of both parties reaching climax. Men should also take the time to learn about their specific triggers and if they are still struggling, then talking openly with their sexual partners can be helpful.

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