What Does God Say About Oral Sex?

The Bible has a lot to say about sex. Most of it tells us what NOT to do.

God created sex for marriage and considers any sexual contact outside of that to be sin. This includes oral sex. Oral sex is sex. It’s a type of sexual intimacy that is also called cunnilingus.

Genesis 2:24

The Bible clearly teaches that God created sex as an extraordinary pleasure for husbands and wives within the marriage covenant. It is a way to increase intimacy, closeness, and fun in a married relationship. However, it is important to note that sex is not only for pleasure but also to procreate (Genesis 2:24). The Bible says that a man and woman are joined together as one flesh (Genesis 2:24). It is the divine design for marriage, and it should be respected and cherished.

The first commandment in the Bible warns against sexual immorality among relatives (incest). It is sinful for a man to have sex with his sister, even if they are both adults. It is also sinful for a man to have a homosexual affair with his brother.

Some people claim that Song of Solomon 4 supports oral sex, but this is untrue. The passage describes lovemaking and the king’s desire to pleasure his new bride. When he beckons her “to enter my garden,” he is referring to her mouth, neck, and breasts.

It is clear that the king’s desire is not just for physical pleasure but rather for intimate foreplay leading to orgasm. This is in stark contrast to our broader culture, which has reduced sexual activity to the pursuit of mere physical pleasure. But the Bible teaches that the highest purpose and good of sex is as an important part of the bonding of a husband and wife in the sacred covenant of marriage (Genesis 2:14-24; Matthew 19:4-6). Consequently, oral sex can be a very powerful means to enhance intimacy, pleasure, and closeness in the marriage.

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Leviticus 18:7

Throughout Scripture, the Bible uses several euphemisms to address sexual sin. However, in Leviticus 18:7, the word “uncleanness” is used for the first time, and it applies to sex outside of marriage. It also includes oral sex in this context.

Sexual immorality is a sin that results from relationships that degrade the sanctity of marriage and undermine God’s plan for humanity, which includes creating one-flesh relationships between husband and wife. These relationships are sacred and should be respected, and God forbids sex with anyone else, even when the pleasure is physical.

This is not just a warning against sex with other men, but also against sex with one’s own sister or mother, and it extends to one’s father’s wives as well (not the mother). God also warns against incest, which he defines here as sex between siblings, cousins or brothers.

This chapter of Leviticus is one of the most detailed prohibitions regarding human sexuality, and its first section specifically prohibits sin among close relatives. The commandments here are in response to the rampant sexual perversions that the Israelites saw in Egypt and Canaan, where they were travelling when these laws were given. The moral filth was so bad that God’s people needed protection and a new standard for righteous living.

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1 Corinthians 7:3-5

The Bible does not specifically mention oral sex, but biblical principles can help Christians determine whether it is right or wrong. First, sex should be exclusive to married couples. Moreover, it should be done out of love and not lust. It is also important for married couples to maintain open communication and seek guidance from trusted spiritual leaders.

Furthermore, the Bible teaches that sexual intimacy should be characterized by submission and selflessness. Hence, it is important for Christian married couples to practice self-control and not let their sexual desires control them. Additionally, they should strive to have foreplay that edifies and fulfills both spouses.

Lastly, the Bible prohibits sexual immorality. Consequently, it is a sin for unmarried Christians to engage in oral sex with other people. In fact, it is even a sin for married Christians to have sex with their own husband or wife.

It is clear from the above scriptures that God created sex for marriage and has clearly stated that it should be between a man and his wife. This should give a person the courage to speak out against those who engage in sexual immorality. It is also a reminder to those who are not yet married to be patient and wait until they have a lifelong partner with whom to share their lives.

Song of Solomon

Some people claim that Song of Solomon 2:3, 4:16, and 7:8 refer to oral sex. However, these passages are highly figurative and can be interpreted in many different ways. In addition, the book of Song of Solomon is a love poem and uses a lot of sexual imagery. Some Christians argue that all sexual contact should be saved until marriage, including oral sex. Others say that the Bible only forbids oral sex when it is performed without consent.

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The climax of the love poem is when Shulamith asks Solomon to blow on her “garden” and “taste its choice fruits.” Some interpret these words as a reference to oral sex, while others believe they are simply referring to the male genitals. However, scholars agree that these sexually arousing statements are not meant to be taken literally.

The point of this poem is to depict the deep emotional and physical intimacy of a married couple. Therefore, it is important to consider the context of each passage before interpreting it. To do otherwise is to strip the beautiful poetic dress off Song of Solomon and hold it up to ridicule in a carnal way. It is not good exegesis and is spiritually wrong. Moreover, it is unkind to pressure your spouse to engage in oral sex when they do not want to.

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