What Does the Bible Say About Oral Sex in Marriage?

Many Christian married couples wonder about the role of oral sex in their marriage. It is important to remember that the Bible presents both fellatio and cunnilingus as positive sexual activity.

However, it should be noted that sex that is done without the wife’s consent (anal or manual sex) and sex that involves sexual devices are sinful. Also, homosexual sex is condemned in the Letter to the Romans.

1. 1 Cor 7:2

We have already seen that the Scriptural passages on sexual pleasure for Christian husbands and wives presents both oral gratification and cunnilingus in positive light. In addition, we have also seen that a husband’s right to enjoy his wife’s body must be balanced against other Scriptural principles that require him to care for her and treat her body with respect – This piece of text is the result of the creative work of the portal team Teen Sex Adventure.

The key to understanding this issue is the fact that sex in marriage is not optional. The Bible makes it clear that sex is a beautiful expression of love between married couples. Therefore, it is not appropriate for non-married couples to engage in oral sex.

One of the key texts that is relevant here is 1 Corinthians 7. In this passage, Paul writes that a woman’s breasts are like clusters of grapes and her genitals are like pomegranates. This is a figurative picture of her gratifying her husband’s sexual pleasures and he gratifying hers. It is important to note that this is not a biblical command, but a Scriptural principle. In order to satisfy her sexual desire, he must provide it.

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2. 1 Cor 7:4

In 1 Corinthians 7:2, Paul states that sex is only for marriage, and anything sexual before or outside of it is sinful. The bible also outlines that Christians are to be respectful of their body and only use it for things that honor God. If you engage in oral sex before or without marriage, you are abusing/MISUSING the mouth that was designed for speech and eating.

Oral sex is the act of a man or woman with their mouths and is known as cunnilingus for men or fellatio for women. It is commonly taught that this scripture supports a wife’s right to refuse her husband sex. However, this is not what the verse actually says. The key word in the verse is “exousiazo.” The Greek here means to delegate or confer authority.

It is clear from the rest of the scriptures that Paul considers a husband and wife’s bodies as their own. They do not have the authority to deny their spouse sex. However, the wife also has the obligation to obey her husband in this regard as well.

3. 1 Cor 7:10

Many Christians use this scripture to justify a belief that oral sex is sinful. They argue that this is a warning against sexual immorality and that God will judge the adulterer and all those who engage in such immorality. However, the Bible makes it very clear that sex is only meant for married couples. The Bible also teaches that sex, including oral sex, is foreplay and orgasm and should be done with passion and excitement.

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The Song of Solomon is often cited as a reference to oral sex because it contains poetic descriptions of what people think of as oral sex. However, because this is Hebrew poetry scholars don’t universally agree on the interpretation of these descriptions.

While the Bible does not explicitly mention oral sex, it does condemn all unnatural sexual acts as gravely immoral. This includes oral, anal and manual sex, as well as pornography and the use of sexual devices. It also condemns homosexual sex as being against nature. To read this verse and to believe that it is okay for Christian couples out of marriage to use oral sex as a way to fulfill their sexual desires would violate this scripture and is very dangerous to marriages.

4. 1 Cor 7:12

One of the clearest principles of marriage is that sexual intimacy between a husband and wife should be exclusive. This means that sex should not happen outside of the marriage bed unless mutually agreed upon (for example, when one spouse is ill and needs to rest). The Bible also teaches that sex should be loving, other-oriented, and that sexual intimacy binds a married couple together physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually (1 Corinthians 7:5).

Some Christians believe that the Song of Solomon references oral sex and therefore it is okay to have this type of sex in marriage. However, many scholars aren’t convinced that this passage is about oral sex. Instead, it is probably a form of poetic foreplay.

The passage compares the woman’s breasts to clusters of grapes and her genitals to pomegranates. This erotic language is similar to what is used in cunnilingus, the Greek word for oral sex. However, some argue that this verse is actually a warning against sodomy, and therefore it is a sin to have this type of sex.

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5. 1 Cor 7:15

Some Christians believe that a Christian couple should only engage in sexual activity that happens within the boundaries of their marriage. This means that they should not engage in oral sex, anal sex or manual sex. Others believe that this type of sexual activity is okay if it is done in a God-honoring way and for the sake of love.

However, Paul warns that the use of unnatural sexual acts (such as homosexual sex and sodomy) can lead to sexual diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and HIV/AIDS. This type of sexual immorality can also be dangerous for a marriage.

It is also important to remember that a husband and wife should have sex in their marriage out of love, not lust. In fact, the Bible even celebrates foreplay such as that described in the Song of Solomon. It is also important to understand that the Bible doesn’t talk about sexual intimacy in a direct manner but instead uses poetic metaphors such as an apple tree, a cluster of grapes and a pomegranate. These are not meant to be graphic or suggestive but rather to help a person visualize the idea of sexual intimacy in the Bible.

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