What Is Makeup Sex?

Sometimes, couples turn to makeup sex as a way of avoiding talking about their problems. However, this isn’t necessarily healthy for your relationship. It can actually make things worse by creating a pattern of pouring frustration into passionate sex and then leaving the problem unresolved.

Fights about petty things may get you all hot and bothered, but you should learn how to communicate in a more truthful way.

It’s a form of verbal foreplay

A lot of couples get turned on by makeup sex because it reassures them that they are still a loving couple and can endure even the most brutal fights. Makeup sex is a great way to bond with your partner, but it’s important to remember that it’s not a substitute for talking about the issues that you fight over.

According to a fashion entrepreneur in the Ogudu area of Lagos, Ifeoma, she and her husband are a lot more energetic when they have sex right after settling a fight. This is because both of them are psychologically prepared to take back what they have deprived each other of during the course of the quarrel. She said they were also able to communicate better in bed as a result of the emotional release.

She explained that the high energy levels could be channelled into sexual arousal and this is why most people find it more intense to have sex after fighting than before the quarrel. The arousal transfer from anger to horniness is fast and it can be very exciting, she added.

Fleming compared the speed at which most women start to feel arousal after an argument to how fast a car accelerates. However, she warned that the arousal is not guaranteed to turn into sex-town. The couples have to be prepared to deal with the issues that led them into the conflict in the first place and this means a proper discussion that focuses on the positive aspects of their relationship.

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It’s a way to heal

Makeup sex is a way for a couple to heal after a fight. It is also a good way to reconnect in a romantic, intimate, and sensual way. However, it is important to remember that you will still be carrying some residual anger and resentment into the bedroom with your partner. To minimize the negative effects of makeup sex, you should try to calm down and clear your mind before attempting a romp.

Fighting with your partner is a stressful experience that can cause you to lose focus on what’s really important in your relationship. During an argument, hurtful words are exchanged and feelings are running high. Afterwards, it’s easy to feel horny and turn to makeup sex for a quick fix. However, this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

According to a psychologist at the University of Lagos, there is an element of “excitation transfer” during makeup sex that can intensify the emotional intensity that was present during the fight. Excitation transfer occurs when the initial arousal is transferred from strike-to-kill anger to horny sexual desire.

This is why couples often have passionate post-fight sex, even though they are still angry at each other. Whether they’re both horny or just a little horny, the sex can be intense and help them to reconnect with each other. Makeup sex can also be an opportunity for couples to explore new positions and lower their inhibitions in bed.

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It’s a way to reconnect

Makeup sex is a way to reconnect with your partner after an argument. It is also a great way to get back on track in your relationship and bring it to a happier level. However, you should not use this as an excuse to avoid talking about the issues that caused the fight. It is important to communicate clearly with your partner about your feelings and needs in bed, regardless of whether you are fighting or not.

Fights are often upsetting and can be hard to resolve. If you have a major fight with your partner, it can feel like the end of the world. It is important to take the time to talk through your feelings and decide how you want to proceed with the relationship.

The appeal of makeup sex after a fight may come from the fact that it takes your mind off the conflict and brings you back to a more sensual place. It can also be a way to affirm your love and commitment to the relationship. However, if you are not clear about your intentions, it is likely that your makeup sex will be more of an emotional disaster than a solution.

Despite what romantic comedies may lead you to believe, makeup sex is not magic. It may distract you from the fight for a while, but it is not going to give you selective amnesia. Unless you address the issue that caused the fight, it is likely that you will have to deal with it again in the future.

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It’s a way to try new sex

The lust and desire that builds during a fight can lead to exploring new sex practices with your partner. You may try a different type of penetration or experiment with new positions and practices that you usually wouldn’t do during a regular night of love making. This can help you discover what sex makes you feel most sexually alive. It’s important to remember that intimacy is more than just a physical experience. It also includes emotional and psychological intimacy. When you feel connected to your partner emotionally, you can connect to them in a more meaningful way. This can make makeup sex more satisfying.

Many couples use sex as a way to reconnect after a big fight. However, this can be harmful if it is done regularly or is used as a replacement for verbal communication. Instead of heading straight to the bedroom after a fight, it’s important to talk things out in a healthy, respectful way. This can help you find an acceptable resolution to your conflict and can lead to some of the most passionate sex you will ever have.

The intense emotions triggered by a fight can turn into sexual tension very quickly. Fleming describes the heightened libido as “a car’s acceleration speed.” That fast response means you and your partner can get to Sex-town in a hurry, and that’s okay.

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