Why Good Sex Matters

Whether it’s a weekly booty call or an annual interlude, good sex is essential to a healthy relationship. It also boosts security and shows commitment, according to experts.

However, it’s important to remember that not all relationships need sex at all. Here are five reasons why good sex matters: 1. It’s a sign of intimacy.

1. It’s a sign of intimacy

The idea of a good sex life often centers around a sexual connection that leads to orgasm. But a key sign that you’re in a relationship with someone who makes for good sex is being able to talk about more than just the act itself. Having good sex is about having an open dialogue with your partner, whether that’s during foreplay or during post-act afterplay.

If you’re able to have good sex, it can be a sign that you and your partner have deep emotional intimacy with each other. And that’s a pretty important component of a healthy relationship.

It can be difficult to have both a high sense of intimate bonding and sex in a relationship, especially when one or both partners has low libido. But communication is key to dealing with this, and it can lead to a more fulfilling sex life than either partner expected. It can even lead to a better relationship in general. And who doesn’t want that?

2. It’s a sign of trust

Sex is a very intimate and vulnerable activity. It involves exposing parts of our body that are not typically on display and trusting your partner not to cause any physical or emotional harm. For people who love sex, it’s not just about the genital connection and the orgasm; it’s about openness, a feeling of connection to and bonding with a loved one, and memories that last long after the bedroom is closed.

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Those who love good sex want to be treated well and feel that they are being appreciated. This may require a little nipping and tucking and patience while a partner gets to know their preferences. It might mean that they take their time with sexting throughout the day and enjoying the buildup that comes before making love.

It might also mean that they have to talk about sex more often than some couples who love sex would like, but the important thing is that they both understand how much it matters and want the same frequency. This could mean that they have to work hard at it, but it is certainly worth the effort.

3. It’s a sign of respect

Whether it’s intercourse or another form of lovemaking, when a couple makes time for it, it says that they are committed to one another. It’s a rare opportunity to let down your defenses and show your partner the most intimate parts of you, and it can be deeply nourishing and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, many couples struggle with sexual satisfaction. And it’s often a symptom of bigger issues in the relationship. Sex isn’t essential to all relationships, and people can still have healthy and happy relationships without it. But if it’s important to you and your partner, it’s worth taking the time to address any issues that might arise around it.

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Many people think that good sex is any kind of sex that makes them orgasm. However, this ignores a woman’s needs and makes her just a vehicle for a man’s physical release. Whether she’s feeling pukey from pregnancy; grieving over a recent loss; or just plain exhausted, it doesn’t matter because his needs supersede her feelings. This is what the teaching of Love & Respect promotes.

4. It’s a sign of freedom

Everyone has different needs when it comes to sex. For some, it’s more about emotional connection than it is physical pleasure and the release of an orgasm. It’s important to know what turns you on sexually and to communicate this to your partner. For example, if you’re very vanilla and don’t like kink, your partner may not understand that.

It’s also important to have a sense of spontaneity in the bedroom. Whether it’s a one-night stand, an annual interlude, or a spontaneous weekend within a long-term relationship, this can add to the excitement and pleasure of the experience.

Finally, good sex can be a sign of freedom from the pressures of work and daily life. For many people, it’s a rare opportunity to be vulnerable and feel seen and loved. This can help to ease feelings of depression and anxiety. Having a regular sexual experience can be a way to combat anhedonia and feel more satisfied in all areas of life. For example, studies have shown that men who don’t have sex regularly are more depressed than those who do.

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5. It’s a sign of comfort

If you have a good sex life, you’re probably comfortable with the idea of having sex. You’re open to talking about it, and you don’t mind having a conversation about what your needs are in the bedroom or what you like and don’t like about certain positions.

This also means that you’re willing to try new things and not stuck in a few go-to positions. While sex might look smooth and sensual in pop culture, it’s often awkward or clumsy (and even embarrassing) at times. That’s OK! There are many different ways that bodies can be sexual, and even “non-erogenous” areas such as necks, ears, backs of knees, or the collarbones can be sexual.

Men’s need for sex goes beyond simple testosterone and physical desire. It’s a way to feel closeness, vulnerability and reassurance. It’s a chance for them to be self-whole, and to let go of some of their preoccupations about success and control. This is why it’s so important that sex doesn’t become a way to medicate or numb emotional pain. The only way to truly heal is to face and resolve those issues.

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